Those of you stretching LHFHG for more than one year...

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Those of you stretching LHFHG for more than one year...

Post by my2guys » Wed Mar 05, 2008 10:53 pm

I have a question for those who are doing LHFHG at a slower pace b/c they are starting with a dc on the younger end of the age range (i.e. just one page of the lesson plans a day instead of two). Do you still cover two years worth of material for things like math, science, handwriting, thinking skills? For example, if I'm planning on starting it in the fall as preK with my 4.5 year old, would I do Singapore Earlybird 2A/2B this year and then next year do Primary 1A/1B? Just wondering what you all are doing. Thanks! :D
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Post by momof4 » Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:56 am

I'm really new to homeschooling, but this is what we are doing. This year we did Little Hands and started Reading Made Easy and K Math (very slow on the last two). Next year we plan to finish RME and K math and plan to do Little Hearts slowly - speed will depend on him. He seems to have some attention issues and we'll just see how next year goes. Planning to start with a page a day and hopefully after a few months go to 2 pages a day. From previous posts, it sounds like kids after a while want/ask for more than one page a day. I think we'll end up finishing Little Hearts in the Summer (2009). Then in the Fall we'll be insync with everything.

Don't know if that helps. Now that I read it, it sounds like a mess. :? I'm sure some of the more experienced ladies will chime in too.

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Post by inHistiming » Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:04 am

I am planning to go through the books along with the guide for Little Hearts. If we get ahead in Math, and I expect we will because he seems to want to do more, then we will just continue on to the next level when we finish this. Everything else is in the guide, so I don't think we'll be ahead in any of those. My son doesn't have to start school officially until 2009, so we have plenty of time before we have to report anything we're doing. By then, he should be well into reading, etc. I expect, by the time I begin Bigger with my olders mid-summer, younger ds will be ready to move to the full lesson plan each day. And I hope to move through RME at a pace of about 4 lessons per week.

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Post by water2wine » Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:51 am

I am stretching it out to get my kids on a level that will combine for the long haul. So I am giving my littlest a chance to catch up in reading and writing while I continue to build those skills with my six year old. So I am actually doing Math and LA with both of them every day. It works well for us but others may prefer to do it every other day.
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Post by Carrie » Thu Mar 06, 2008 2:25 pm


We are stretching "Little Hearts..." out over 2 years for my third son because he had just turned 5 in August when we started. We are actually calling this his preschool year and then next year will be his "official" kindergarten year. :D

At this point in the year, I do think my son could bump up to doing all of the "Little Hearts..." plans each day, however, with our schedule being set and this not technically being his kindergarten year, we're going to finish the year out at half-speed. Next year, we'll bump up to doing the whole day every day.

We are doing the left side of the plans one day and the right the next. We are keeping the math and the phonics at half-speed too, just because our schedule is working like clock-work for everyone else in our family. :wink:

We have really enjoyed the pace of "Little Hearts..." this way, and I can see so much growth in my little guy's ability to listen and understand, follow directions, and answer questions. He loves his school and does ask for it! 8)

On the other hand, with my second son we did "Little Hearts..." exactly as written and that was just right for him! :D


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