preparing for grade 4?

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preparing for grade 4?

Post by LivinNandByHim » Thu May 06, 2010 10:57 pm

Seeing a lot of 10 - 12 yr. old in preparing. my son is 9, completing 3rd grade. This year he went to what is considered to be the "best school in town". the upper class side of town. I was pleased with the school as far as public school. They used saxon math. He is a good reader, but his writing and spelling are poor. My beloved boy is smart, but he has a short attention span and typically his mind is in one place while his body is in another. His teacher suggested that he is just a little immature for his age and that this is typical at his age level. She went on to say that between 3rd and 4th grades, she has seen a lot of kids "level up / mature up" and be totally different by the end of 4th grade. I also wander if he has a touch of attention deficit (without the hyperactivity - he is a typical boy in this regard). (I know this is getting long, sorry.) After reading through the catalog, I fell in love with the materials in preparing. "I" think that it would be a good fit for us, even if we start slow / low with R&S. I kind of liked all the practice with saxon, but.... I don't have a lot of time to spend on presentation. I work 2-3 nights a week as a nurse. My son is definitely a Wiggly - do and learn - student. We had a bad exerience during 2nd grade with ACE. He was bored with the workbooks, and I felt it lacked academically. (He wants to do experiments and stuff). lol Also I think the Lord had to work on mom this past year while my kids went to school. (Also have 5 yo dd, hoping to start LHFHG). I guess ultimately the point of my rambling is : I want to have a GREAT year. My son is interested in what he saw in the catalog for preparing, but I don't want to jump in over our heads. I want my kids and I to have an enjoyable, Christ centered, bonding together education this year. Any ideas to help me decide if I may be starting at the wrong level.???? Ps... final 6 week grade 100 in science (his absolute favorite!!) 100 in social studies. 49 in spelling. 90 in reading and LA. Also, placing him in DITHR...

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Re: preparing for grade 4?

Post by annaz » Fri May 07, 2010 5:29 pm

You may want to cut and paste this question on the main board. They all start there first. This is sort of an archive. Carrie will end up doing this, but if you repost it'll happen sooner and then you'll get more answers to your questions. :D
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Re: preparing for grade 4?

Post by Carrie » Tue May 11, 2010 7:46 pm

We're glad that you're here and will love to talk through your options with you! :D I'll just move this post to the Main Board where more moms will see it! Annaz is right that this is an archive of sorts, so you'll get responders on the Main Board. All new posts begin on the Main Board. :D


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Re: preparing for grade 4?

Post by my3sons » Tue May 11, 2010 9:12 pm

We did PHFHG when my ds was 8 turning 9, and he loved it! :D I really do think correct placement is key and is worth taking time sorting through. So, if you could take a peek at the placement chart and share where you think each of your dc fit, as well as a little about the first page of the placement chart - we'll all chime in and help you get a placement tailor-made for you and your dc. We did PHFHG and LHFHG a few years back and enjoyed it immensely. But, whatever HOD guides you end up with, you are sure to enjoy them if your dc are properly placed because they're all good. :D Here's a link to the placement chart:

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