4 day schedule....

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4 day schedule....

Post by LeAnna » Tue Feb 26, 2008 4:12 pm

I would like to get Little Hearts for His Glory, but would like to keep a four day schedule and use my 5th day for Music/Home Ec/fieldtrips etc. Is anyone doing this 4 days a week? I would love to hear how this has worked for you and how long it takes to get through a year doing it this way.


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Post by Kathleen » Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:26 pm

Hi LeAnna!

I don't have experience to share with you, but I asked a similar question recently...

Currently, I am using LHTH with my 3 yr old and finishing 2nd grade in another program with my 7 yr old. I am going to start Bigger with my ds late summer and continue LHTH for the next year with dd. Anyway :roll: ...I thought a 4-day week sounded like a great idea and wondered if Bigger was set up that way. Preparing is the 1st guide set up that way, but you can do any of them for 4 days a week and take a little longer to finish. (For LHFHG it would be 42 weeks instead of 34 weeks.)

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Post by netpea » Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:43 pm

Hi LeAnna, I'm Lee Ann! :D Nice to meet you!
I asked a similar question not too long ago. You can follow the thread here:

Don't worry, it'll work out no matter how you do it.

Lee Ann

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4 Days

Post by Busymomma1 » Wed Feb 27, 2008 2:51 pm

Hi ladies,
I do 4 day weeks with LHFHG, and it works great. I actually finish the unit in 4 days. On MOndays, we double up on the history reading (do day 1 and 2), and often double up on doing days 1 and 2 for writing and fine motor. I also double up on the Storytime (read 2 chapters of the Burgess stories). My kids usually want more than one chapter anyway, as they enjoy the stories! It's also easy enough to move ahead a day in the math. I also am doing Math U See, so I don't always do the math ideas listed, but they are good ideas.

So basically, if you want, you can double up on a day or 2 if you want to get it done in the 34 week time-frame, which I do. Many of the assignments are short, so it really doesn't add much time to do an additional page, story, etc.

I just consider Monday and Tuesday our 'busier' days so we can finish up by Thursday lunch time. Then Thurs afternoon we have ballet, and Friday morning, we have a homeschool group. That way, Friday afternoon is FREE!!!!

I was looking at samples of Bigger Hearts, and I doubt this system could work with a more advanced program like that, but LH is basic enough that we can double up.

Hope that helps!
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