Question about BLHFHG

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Question about BLHFHG

Post by mystika1 » Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:44 pm

I am interested in this but I am a bit scared as I have a closet full of curriculum that needs to be sold. I am a curriculum junkie. :oops: Currently we are using Ambleside Online and I really love the selections but I am not fond of the schedule. I would really like it more if it had a layed out schedule that I could follow every day with activities. My daughter(6 almost 7) would be happier with activities and I am not creative enough to consistantly think up activities each week. My daughter is getting that glazed over look and this week she just complained during class so here I am.

My daughter is not a big fan of programs with tons of writing. She was taught cursive first and only tolerates 1 medium length sentence or 2 really short sentences for copywork. After that she will fight it and whine until I go crazy so I try to keep copywork short. I was using spell to write and read and at first my daughter loved it but that love didn't last long. When I would pull out the book she would start crying so I shelved it. She does like it when I read to her so that has never been a problem unless the stories seem way boyish. We use mus for math and for the most part she likes it. I have added other hands on manipulatives to balance it out and she responded well. She lights up when she hears that we will do an activity. (I don't blame her as I would have enjoyed doing activities at her age rather than a bunch of worksheets.) I am just trying to see if this would be a better fit for us.

I have printed out the samples and like how everything is layed out. The activities look like something my daughter would like very much. I have many of the storytime titles already and would not have to purchase many. Do your kids like the history titles? I love Charlotte Mason methods and have read most of her materials. I just can't pull everything together with confidence. Any recomendations would help.


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Re: Question about BLHFHG

Post by Happy2bMommyof3 » Sun Aug 30, 2009 5:11 pm

I would say sell the closet full of curriculum and jump head first into HOD. You will never look back or regret your decision. My daughter is 7 (just turned 7 in June) and also hates writing, worksheets and days lacking activities. This is our first year using HOD and we love it! We have used several curriculums in the past and always regretted it after day 3. We are going on our third week and ds still says school is awesome. I have her in BLHFHG. We cut down her copywork to one perfectly beautiful line each day thanks to Carrie's suggestion when my ds was complaining about 3-4 lines, and I have heard no complaints since. We love it. I'll say it again...We love it!!!!

P.S. I too had a closet full of curriculum, but since HOD I have given most of it to a good home with confidence that I won't miss it at all!
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