US1 and USII Guides Suggested Time Allotments

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US1 and USII Guides Suggested Time Allotments

Post by my3sons » Sun Jul 29, 2018 4:02 pm

Hi ladies! Carrie and I just pulled out Shaw’s schedule from USI and USII and figured out suggested time allotments for each of these guides. These times reflect the time it took to complete each day’s plans at the beginning of the year. As students progress, they might complete their days more quickly, as they become more familiar with the guide. Hope this helps!

Suggested time allotments for USI:

USI box: 40 min.
Living Library: 25 min.
History Activity: 20 min.
Spanish: 25 min.
Government: 30 min.
Constitutional Literacy: 30 min.
Chemistry with Lab: 45 min.
Grammar/Dictation/In Their Sandals (alternating): 30 min. meeting time
Literature: 40 min.
Algebra II with Trig: 45 min.
Bible: 40 min.
Meeting Time: 30 min.
Day 1: USI oral narration
Day 2: literature narration
Day 3: USI talking points narration
Day 4: Everyday Battles discussion

Suggested time allotments for USII

USII box: 40 min.
Living Library: 30 min.
History Activity: 20 min.
Latin/Greek: 20 min.
Economics: 30 min.
Finance: 30 min.
Science with Lab: 45 min.
Speech/Grammar (alternating): 35 min.
Literature: 40 min.
Math: 45-60 min.
Bible: 40 min.
Meeting Time: 30 min.
Daily: Alternating Economics/Finance parent part
Day 1: Alternating USII talking points, Created for Work discussion,
Literature discussion, grammar lesson
Day 2: Dictation, literature box discussion
Day 3: USII oral narration, literature box discussion, grammar lesson
Day 4: USII written narration, dictation, Literature box discussion

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