End of school year update...

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End of school year update...

Post by MomtoJGJE » Wed May 30, 2018 10:45 am

Time for my yearly posting of how awesome HOD is :D

Jayden and Grace were in a charter school this past year. They have been so well trained by HOD that their school year this year was great for them. They both made A honor roll!

Juli did Preparing this past year. She was 5th grade. She tested at an overall 7th grade level. She will be going to the charter school with her sisters next year. So over the summer she will be doing as much math as she can, and she wanted to do the painting from CTC, so we are doing that.

Evie has been my one that struggles. She couldn't read much at all until about Christmas time this year. Last year (end of 2nd grade, testing in late May) she scored a beginning first grade level in reading. This year she scored an end of 2nd grade level! So basically she gained two years worth of reading in about 6 months! She finished up the Emerging Readers schedule up to the Nature Reader before testing. Part that held her back from getting 3rd grade level was that she reads very slowly still. I'm fine with that. She loves reading and there is no way i'm worrying about how fast she's going right now. Because of her advances over this past year, DH and I discussed it and thought that skipping the rest of Beyond (she's been working slowly through LHFHG and Beyond for the past three years) and moving on to Bigger half speed would be the best course of action. So I started her on Bigger this week. Again, expecting to go half speed. Instead she is going nearly full speed! We do not have the cursive book yet (supposed to get here today) and we haven't started the Bible verse portion (we just finished AWANA last week) or the hymn study yet. However she is doing everything else super great! I see no issues when we add in the other things because those take such a small amount of time overall. I'm really excited for her growth over this next year, especially since I will be able to really focus on her a lot more without having the older ones that I have to teach.

Penelope didn't test this year because NC doesn't require testing until 7 years old, and she turned 5 last October. But she was wanting to do school this past year so I started LHTH with her. Within just a few units she was really wanting more school. So I added in the K level math book. She was doing 4-5 pages a day and I was having to make her stop. So then I added in the K level FMS books from LHFHG. At this point she is starting Unit 30 next week. She is halfway through the second K math book, finished both the K level FMS books, and is going to be finishing the first 1st grade FMS book at about the same time as she finishes up LHTH, and she's very interested in learning to read. She has several sight words down, and is learning more every day.... all on her own. So even though she isn't technically old enough for Kindergarten yet I'm considering this her K year. She will start LHFHG in July. We will be able to take things at her speed for a long time to come. I'm excited to teach her!

So once again, THANK YOU HOD for making it super easy to teach my children everything they need to know.

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