Sneak Peek #11: New US2 History Guide

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Sneak Peek #11: New US2 History Guide

Post by Carrie » Wed Aug 24, 2016 9:30 pm


As we head toward the finish line of the exciting high school years, we decided to add another option for foreign language to this final guide. :D Since we enjoyed Linney's Getting Started with Spanish so much in the World Geography guide, we decided to add the option of doing Linney's Getting Started with Latin in the U.S. II guide. My husband has been working through that particular book in Latin and enjoying the journey. Along with Getting Started with Latin, we also desired to give students an introduction to Greek. The DVD "It's Not Greek to Me" is a wonderful and painless way to introduce students to Koine Greek. :D

Adding the Latin/Greek Package below to the Economy Package adds ½ credit of Latin/Greek to your student's program. Following the plans as scheduled in the U.S. History II guide will earn ½ credit in Latin/Greek. Students may choose this foreign language option in addition to the Spanish option scheduled within the U.S. History II guide, or for those students who have already earned at least two consecutive credits in one foreign language, the Latin/Greek option may be chosen in place of further foreign language study. To read more about the selections for the Latin/Greek portion of the plans, read the publisher descriptions below. :D

Getting Started with Latin
What's preventing you from teaching Latin in your homeschool or learning it on your own? If you're intimidated because you've never studied Latin, bewildered by traditional Latin books that move too fast, or just don't know where to begin, then Getting Started with Latin is for you! Specifically designed to overcome these types of obstacles, Getting Started with Latin is divided into simple lessons that explain the fundamentals of Latin grammar in a way that anyone can grasp. Instead of burying you in mountains of information to memorize, new words and concepts are introduced in a gradual and systematic way. You can immediately apply what you've learned by translating the fun exercises at the end of each lesson. Quickly check your work by turning to the included answer key. To hear the words pronounced, simply download the free recordings from the provided website. For additional help and instruction, the author has provided extensive audio commentary recordings that teach through every lesson and exercise in the book. With everything you need here in one book, why aren't you Getting Started with Latin? Preview the book:

It's Not Greek to Me (DVD)
God chose the perfect time to fulfill His promise of the coming Messiah. This was a time when the Greek language was thriving, and it became the perfect vehicle to spread the gospel. Now you can explore the Biblical text in Koine Greek (or the common Greek of Jesus’ time) with this easy and fun-to-do, 10-lesson study!

You will begin with memorizing the alphabet and then quickly progress to proficiency. With this simple program, Todd Friel helps individuals, families, and groups who desire to know God’s Word more clearly do so by equipping you to:
*Get more understanding from Bible footnotes and commentaries
*Clarify points of confusion among Biblical translations
*Go beyond the basics to comprehend the meaning of the original Biblical texts.

We pray that you will be as excited about this option as we are! :D


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