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To Receive the US2 Sneak Peek Email with Discount

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:00 am
by my3sons
Hello lovely ladies! :D

Our 2016-2017 catalog will be available this fall, but you will be able to order the US2 History packages with the discount we provide in our email newsletter we will email out sometime between Aug. 22-25. To receive the sneak peek and accompanying discount offer, you need to be signed up for the HOD email newsletter at this link...

I just wanted to mention this because you won't receive this email just by being signed up for our HOD Catalog, or our board, or FB. The only way to receive the US2 History packages sneak peek/discount email is to be signed up for our HOD email newsletter. We are conscious of junk mail, so you will receive just a few e-mails per year and only when we have major announcements. We are so excited to see the US2 History guide coming together and can't wait to show you what Carrie has been able to plan for this exciting final year of high school!!! :D God bless!

In Christ,
Julie Grosz