We finished Beyond and it's going on the...

If you have used "Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory", please share your experience with us.
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We finished Beyond and it's going on the...

Post by moedertje » Tue Apr 29, 2014 3:19 pm

SHELF :cry: we finished 2 weeks ago, but I just now found a moment to get on the board!

Each guide that I finish with my youngest brings some mixed emotions along! :D :cry: :oops:

My dd 6, went through Beyond with first grade options. Her favorite subject was storytime, her favorite book was 'Who Me?' Mystery book in the Castleberry Farm series with 'Footprint in the Barn' recommended by Carrie. She had already listened to that one with her older brother! :oops: Phyllis Wheatleycame in second! Her ability to do the activities with storytime increasingly progressed over this last year and I feel that in BHFHG, she will nicely grow into the oral narrations required.

Dd's handwriting turned out beautiful, she was able to grow into the load of copy work very well.

Her favorite art project was making the "sparkler candle" and she enjoys retelling the story from her history reading. She loved listening to the History readings and was usually begging for me to read on, or read history on Day 5! I'm having her on a light pre-summer break schedule reading ABeka history 1 on her own.

She quickly developed a love for science and clapped her hands in cheer, whenever she had an experiment to do! She is now reading the ABeka science first grade book on her own and enjoying a light schedule as we wait for summer break to set in.

She had fun with the gross motor activities during Bible verse time and loved sharing the verses by phone, video and mailing off her written work! So many wonderful scriptures she got to hide in her heart this past year. Many of the very appropriate for everyday life in our family! She also learned to use them during prayer times with the family.

We finished the ER halfway through the year, but I was not ready to dive her into DITHOR yet :oops:, could not see how to fit the third one into my DITHOR plans, so I gave her lots of extra ER books and ABeka readers to read a loud! She has even picked up some of her storytime books, like Little House in the Big Woods to read on her own.

She finished Singapore math 1A and 1B. Since we finished a bit early, I am having her go through the Extra Practice book 1, to keep her math skills she learned, alive. Math was not a struggle, but it was not her easiest subject!

The subject she flew through was the spelling list 1, it was easy for her, but I understand now why Carrie has dc do it as written. We have started on spelling list 2 and she rarely misses a word on day 2!

All in all it was a successful year and a delight to have such wonderful guidance from Carrie with the Beyond manual.

She is looking forward to starting Bigger after summer break. I will put her on a 4 times a week schedule with her brothers!

A big thank you to Carrie and her family for birthing HOD and being a wonderful asset to my families homeschool life!

I may be able to post some picture on the project board!
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