What I need for my 5yr old son

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What I need for my 5yr old son

Post by calledtobehome » Sat Nov 24, 2007 10:48 am

I have gone back and forth from MFW to LHFHG and I think I'm going to try LHFHG. I have 2 boys one turn 5 in Jan and my baby is 3yrs old. Right now we do use Hooked on Phonics K and they really seem to like it. Where do I need to begin with my soon to be 5yr old? We live in VA and 5 yr old is the age to start K. I have already started K in a lot of areas but just not with a formal curriculum. He knows his alphabetes and sounds starting to blend a little but doesn't seem to interesting in it, I'm teaching him to write his letters by using a dry erase board because he really doesn't like to sit at the table for along period, we go to the library weekly for story time and to check out books and dvd's. They both love to build things. That's just a little background on us.

Thanks for your help,

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Post by Dorla » Mon Nov 26, 2007 3:26 pm

Hi Yolanda,
My son is also 5 and loves to build, build, build!
Have you read the suggestions on the website about placing your child?
It is very helpful.
We started with Little Hearts for His Glory and love it. For reading we use Reading Made Easy and chose the Dubay handwriting book. LHFHG has been the best curriculum for us. You also could include your younger child on the activities of the left side of the unit.
Happy Teaching,

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Post by calledtobehome » Tue Nov 27, 2007 3:24 pm

Thanks Dorla for the reply. I checked out the website and I think I will need both the deluxe package and the basic package and that will include everything. I don't need the phonics because we use Hooked on Phonics. Is this correct?


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Post by my3sons » Tue Nov 27, 2007 7:23 pm


We've used Little Hearts twice now, and loved it! I think you are making a great choice! Your little one will enjoy joining in on parts of it as well. From what you've shared, you would need the Kindergarten Economy Package for sure.

You probably want the Kindergarten Basic Package as well (it is the science text, a math text, a devotional, and the music).

From the "choices" section:
- you would choose one of the Bibles or use your own (if you use your own, you won't have pictures though)
- you would choose one of the handwriting books (or use your own)
- you don't need the phonics (since you've got HOP already)

Does that make sense? If not, just fire another question out there! That's what I do! Oh, and another great thing about Little Hearts... is you will be able to use it all again with your 3 year old in a few years. And then, all you'll need to purchase is a couple workbooks you consumed. That was nice for us this year the second time around with my second child. Hope that helps! Nice to meet you!

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Post by calledtobehome » Thu Nov 29, 2007 11:54 am

Yes, this helps me out alot. I am so looking forward to using LHFHG with my boys. And the bonus is I can use it again with my youngest.
How does LHFHG curriculum measure up when it comes to testing? In VA we have to start testing our kids at 6yrs old which is typically first grade. They have to measure in the 75th percentile.

Thanks again,

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Post by Carrie » Thu Nov 29, 2007 12:09 pm


I'll pop in and answer your testing question from our perspective, since we're also required to test in South Dakota. We use the Iowa Basics and test yearly. Our kiddos have all used our programs and have tested very well and far exceeded our expectations.

That being said, after 11 years of giving standardized tests as a teacher in the public schools (prior to homeschooling the last 8 years), I will say so much of testing depends on how your own kiddo is wired. Some don't test as well as others due to test anxiety, lack of concentration, not reading questions carefully enough etc. It also matters how much God-given intelligence they were born with. So, curriculums don't have the same results for every child.

We do follow general state standards and make sure our guides cover what is mandated for language arts, reading, and math. History and science guidelines vary widely across the nation and there is no real consensus on those. We do start with American history which is helpful for standardized test taking. We also cover the various branches of science which also helps with the test taking.

Hope that helps.


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